Points slider at checkout

To add this feature, you'll need to know how to edit the checkout page within your theme.

Skip the discount code by letting customers spend points at checkout.

Redeeming points at checkout is a great way to promote points spending and boost engagement with your reward program. Adding a points slider to your checkout makes spending points super easy and actually kind of fun!


Step 1: Include our sample code in your checkout page

From the BigCommerce theme editor, copy the contents of our smile-points-slider.html code sample into a new theme file. You will need to make sure that this file gets added to your checkout page.

This code snippet requires jQuery. If you do not already use jQuery on your site and wish to use the snippet as it, you will need to uncomment the jQuery script at the top of the snippet.

Step 2: Add your public API key to the script

In order to make the code sample work with your store, you need to add your public API key. To locate your API key go to the apps page in the Smile Admin. Click the "Edit" link next to your BigCommerce app.

Next, click "Show launcher and API keys", then copy your public API key.

At the top of the code snippet, paste your public API key into the data-channel-key attribute on the script tag.

Step 3: Locate the points product that will power your slider

In the Smile Admin, navigate to your points program.

Go to your rewards and select the one that you want to power your points slider. Once you do that, you will see the ID of the points product in your address bar.

Make sure that you use a variable points product to power the slider. You can verify that your reward is variable by looking at its "exchange type" field.

The points product ID will be used in the next step.

Step 4: Add the slider to your checkout page

Add the following div to your checkout page. Update the data-points-product-id property with the ID that you selected in the previous step.

<div class="smile-points-slider" data-points-product-id=null></div>

Step 5: Apply the discount code to your cart

In order for this component to function, you will need to write the code that takes the generated discount code and applies it to the card.

The applyPointsPurchaseToCart function is triggered when the customer clicks the "Redeem" button. Within this method, you'll have access to the discount code which will need to be applied to the cart. The code is available via pointsProduct.reward_fulfillment.code.

The process of applying the discount code to your customer's cart can be done via your cart's API, or by a form field input simulated with JavaScript.

Step 6: Test it out

Visit your store's checkout page to confirm your changes. If everything is working as expected, you're done! 🎉

Tips for the best customer experience

Certain points products apply discounts to the cart in different ways. For example, gift cards can apply discounts to the total value of the cart whereas coupon codes may only apply discounts to the cart subtotal. There are other factors, including your region and cart setup, that prevent us from providing a single code sample that works flawlessly out of the box for every merchant.

Our sample code is meant to get you up and running with giving your customers the option to spend their points at checkout. It allows them to purchase any points product they can afford. As a result, your customers may accidentally spend their points on a points product that has a greater value than what can actually be discounted from the cart.

You may want to filter out these points products so that your customers are assured to have a great experience at checkout!